Abstract Submission

Until 16 October 2022, extended abstracts according to the paper template should be submitted via e-mail agroconturkey@hacettepe.edu.tr

  1. Proceedings should be prepared in Turkish or English in the form of extended abstracts, not exceeding 2000 words. The 2000 word limit includes tables and figures, but not references.

  2. The papers are expected to consist of the title, brief summary, between 4 and 6 keywords , introduction, conceptual framework, method, case presentation (if applicable), analysis, discussion of findings, conclusions and suggestions, reference list.” Author(s) should include their full name, affiliation, and e-mail address on the cover/title page. Where available, please also include ORCiDs.

  3. The brief summary should be no more than 150 words long, with a font size of 10 points, single line spacing, justified alignment, and no indentation.

  4. Calibri font style, 11 points, justified, single line spacing should be used for the body of the paper's text. Page layout: 3 cm on the left, 3 cm on the right, 3 cm on the top, and 3 cm on the bottom.

  5. The paper's title should be before the brief summary, centered on the page, in capital letters, and in 14-point bold. The first level headings in the text should be bold, left aligned, and written in capital letters. Second-level headings, on the other hand, should be left aligned and bold; only word initials should be capitalized. Third-level headings should be as close to the beginning of the paragraph as possible, with only the initial letter of the first word capitalized and the full heading in bold. After the third level heading, the text should be continued after a colon (:) is placed, not a sub-line. No signs such as numbers, italics and underscores should be used in any of the headings.

  6. If there are tables and figures within the scope of the paper, the tables and figures in question should be given in the text. Tables should be supplied separately, in order of numbers, from the beginning to the end of the work (Table 1: the name of the table and Figure 1: the name of the figure). The source from which the table or figure was taken should be indicated.

  7. In-text citations and bibliography will be made in accordance with APA 7 rules.