Call for Papers

Is Another Agriculture Possible in the Age of Humanity?

International Agriculture Conference

Dear participants,

For many years, the adoption of new technologies and modernized farming practices has allowed manufacturers around the world to produce more output with their available resources. While these far-reaching gains in productivity are crucial in meeting the needs of the growing population, they also contribute to the economy. However, the fact that no natural resource can be obtained forever has made the efficient use of existing resources a concern of academics. Accordingly, increasing agricultural activities has brought with it the discussion of the protection of agricultural products, the creation of more productive agricultural areas, sustainable agriculture and food security issues. it is a great pleasure and importance to meeting with valuable scientists and participants at our conference under the theme of "Is Another Agriculture Possible in the Age of Humanity?".

Our conference subjects are predominantly focus on; sustainable agriculture, rural development, agricultural management (with sub-titles of product standardization, logistics, consumer behavior, finance, supply chain management), innovation, and food security. For this purpose, we are honored to invite you to our conference, which will be held ONLINE on October 27-28, 2022 to present new remarks on these issues.

Extensive summaries of all papers accepted at the conference will be published as a book. The articles of the participants who want to have their papers presented at the conference published in full text will be published in the special issue of Hacettepe University FEAS Journal, subject to the preliminary evaluation of the editorial board and to peer review processes.